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Cell ID Organism Cell type/tissue Number of TFs with the enriched motifs Motif matrix Methylation score matrix
A549Homo sapiensLung21MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
GM12878Homo sapiensBlood73MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
H1-hESCHomo sapiensStem cell36MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
H9Homo sapiensStem cell8MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
HCT116Homo sapiensColorectum17MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
HEK293Homo sapiensKidney98MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
HEK293THomo sapiensKidney12MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
HeLa-S3Homo sapiensCervix36MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
HepG2Homo sapiensLiver98MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
HUES64Homo sapiensStem cell13MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
IMR-90Homo sapiensLung11MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
K562Homo sapiensBlood131MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
LNCaPHomo sapiensProstate13MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
MCF-7Homo sapiensBreast66MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
SK-N-SHHomo sapiensBrain21MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
SNU398Homo sapiensLiver1MEME: ; TRANSFAC:
MethMotif-combinedHomo sapiensAll655MEME: ; TRANSFAC: